5 reasons why your telemarketing strategy isn’t working

The following five reasons could be why your telemarketing foray did not produce the fruits you were looking for:

1. You had the wrong person (or company) in the role

It is important to separate the role of cold caller from the person, or company, doing the job. The role itself is incredibly important, but it could be you had the wrong person in that role, or you outsourced it to the wrong company. Many MSPs I have spoken with admit it is challenging to find the right person, and have cycled through their fair share of recruits trying to fill the role. But, because they value the outcomes telemarketing plays in helping to drive leads into their sales funnel, they persevere, and never consider abandoning the role. Rather, they continue their search for the next candidate, or outsourced telemarketing firm, if the incumbent isn’t cutting it.

2. You didn’t provide them with any sort of sales mentorship or training program

What sort of training program did you provide when they first came onboard? Did you review your ideal target profile? Your company’s vision, mission, and value prop statements? Did you show them how to properly prepare for their calls? Did you provide call scripts or training around how to handle objections? Did you role-play in mock-call sessions to help them practice their techniques and build confidence? Did you teach them how to sleuth and research to find their own leads? Did you provide any sort of sales mentorship to help guide and show them the ropes, working to help make them feel part of the team?

3. You didn’t make regular check-ins a priority

As with any role, regular one-on-ones are vital. How is anyone supposed to develop in their role if they don’t receive ongoing feedback, training, and support? Scheduling weekly one-on-ones is key if you want your telemarketing employee to flourish. These meetings are critical to review questions or challenges your cold caller may be having, and to provide feedback, advice, and additional training on how to improve. They shouldn’t be pushed aside and treated as something you’ll get around to at some point. Rather, they should be treated as a high priority, no matter how busy you may be.

4. You hired them to cold call, but have them doing everything

Take an honest look at the tasks and activities you had your telemarketer doing. Were they given ample time to research and complete their calls? Or were other tasks dumped on them because no one else had time to complete them?

5. You didn’t compensate them correctly

I have seen many types of compensation plans implemented by various MSPs, so I know this point could be controversial. But if you fell into the camp of offering a commission-only pay structure, that might be where your issue lies. Offering a commission-only pay scheme can be demotivating and unfair to the person doing the job, especially because you are putting 100% of the sales process—from prospecting to closing—on their inexperienced shoulders. If they don’t get the appointment booked at the outset, no lead can be given to the sales exec, meaning no new contract is being signed. So when building your compensation plan for your telemarketing role, you want to structure it in a way where they are motivated to do the job well, which works to help maximize productivity and efficiency in your organization.

So if you have previously tried incorporating the telemarketing motion into your MSP and didn’t get the returns you were hoping for, do one better than poor ol’ Wylie Coyote and take some time for internal reflection. Try and see where you can make improvements in your process and consider giving it another go.

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Medical Practice Management Consultant

A medical practice management consultant is a person or GP consulting firm that specializes in helping general practices to improve their operations. They can help you with everything from billing and coding to marketing and patient care. They can also help you to negotiate contracts with insurance companies and other healthcare providers. A medical practice management consultant is an individual with years of experience in the industry who offers guidance and advice on how to run a medical practice effectively and profitably.

Medical practice management consultants can help you save time and money

One of the biggest services that a consultant such as this can provide is helping you save time and money. They can do this by streamlining your processes, automating tasks, and improving your operational efficiency.

In addition, a consultant can help you find new ways to reduce your expenses without compromising the quality of care that you provide. For example, they may be able to suggest cheaper but still high-quality suppliers for medical supplies or recommend software that can automate certain administrative tasks.

Overall, hiring a medical practice management consultant can save you both time and money; two things that every business owner could use more of.

They can help you improve your patient care and services

Improving your patient care and services is another key reason to hire a medical practice management consultant. A good consultant will have years of experience in the industry and will be able to help you identify areas where your practice can improve, such as by increasing patient satisfaction or implementing better disease management protocols.

Additionally, they can offer guidance on how to make your practice more efficient so that you are able to see more patients each day without sacrificing quality of care. This is important because it allows you to focus on providing high-quality care while leaving the administrative tasks to someone who knows what they are doing.

A consultant can also review your current service standards and make recommendations for how you can improve them. They may also be able to help you develop new services that can attract more patients and boost your revenue.

Hiring a medical practice management consultant is a great way to get the help you need to take your business to the next level. They have the experience and expertise necessary to help you achieve your goals and they are dedicated to helping general practices succeed. So, if you are looking for ways to improve your practice, hiring a consultant is definitely something worth considering.

They can help you manage your staff more effectively

These consultants can also help you to manage your staff in a more effective and efficient manner. They can help to create job descriptions, develop training programs, and set performance standards. This can help to ensure that your staff is working as efficiently as possible and meeting the needs of your patients.

They can help you stay organized and compliant with government regulations

Healthcare practices need to adhere to any laws and regulations and consultants can help you to do so. They are well-versed in the latest changes and how they impact your practice. They can help you stay compliant with government regulations, which is critical for any business.

Sometimes keeping up with amendments to laws and the latest updates can be quite a hassle as a business owner, and hence, it is always advisable to have an expert on standby.

They can provide valuable insights and advice to help your medical practice grow and succeed

As a business owner one of your main goals is to achieve growth over a certain period of time and hiring a consultant such as this can help you achieve these goals. They can provide valuable insights and advice to help your medical practice grow and succeed.

This is because they have years of experience in the field and are up-to-date with all the changes that are happening within it. So, if you are looking for ways to improve your business or want someone to help guide you in the right direction, hiring a consultant is definitely the way to go.

It is easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day operations of a medical practice without realizing how much time and energy you are wasting. A consultant can help make sure your business is running smoothly, freeing up your time so that you can focus on what matters most; providing quality care for your patients. If you feel like it has been too long since you have updated your website or done any marketing work, it may be worth considering hiring a specialist who can take some pressure off of yourself while still adhering to the needs of your clinic.

Hiring a medical practice management consultant may seem like an unnecessary expense but when you break it down, their services can actually save you money in the long run.

How To Become A Practice Management Consultant

They work with doctors and staff to ensure that the clinic is running smoothly and efficiently and offer recommendation for general practice business development to owners. To become a practice management consultant, you will need to have strong organizational skills, as well as experience in the medical field. You will also need to have a degree in business administration or another related field.

What is a practice management consultant?

A practice management consultant helps general practice owners manage and optimize their day-to-day operations. To become a practice management consultant, you will need strong organizational skills as well as experience in the medical field.

As a consultant you can help medical practices to:

Streamline their workflows.
Implement new technologies.
Maximize clinic efficiency.
Oversee patient care.
Train and manage staff members.

The job outlook for practice management consultants is good, as the demand for healthcare services continues to grow. If you are interested in becoming a consultant, there are many programs and courses available that can help you to develop the necessary skills.

Why should I become one?

Becoming a practice management consultant can be a very rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to help medical practices to improve their efficiency and maximize clinic productivity. In addition, you will have the opportunity to train and manage staff members, and oversee patient care.

There is also a growing demand for practice management consultants, as the healthcare industry continues to grow. If you are looking for a career that offers job security and opportunities for advancement, becoming a consultant may be the right choice for you.

How can I become one?

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a general practice management consultant, there are many programs and courses available that can help you develop the necessary skills. You can find programs at universities and colleges, or you can take online courses.

The good news is that there are many resources available to help you get started on your career as a GP management consultant. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve success in this rewarding field.

Pros and cons of being a practice management consultant

There are many pros and cons to becoming a consultant such as this. The pros include:

You get to help people and businesses in need.
You have the opportunity to learn new things.
The work is interesting and varied.

On the other hand, there are some cons as well, which include:

There is a lot of traveling involved.
The hours can be long and unpredictable.
It can be difficult to find work at times.

However, with the right qualifications and experience, becoming a general practice management consultant can be an extremely rewarding career. You will have the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of others and help general practices to improve and scale their operations, while learning new skills and experiencing different cultures, and with the current demand for consultants in this field, you should have no trouble finding work once you become certified.

What skills are needed to be successful as a practice management consultant?

In order to be successful in this field, you will need to possess certain important skills, such as:

Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
The ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
Excellent problem-solving skills.
Strong organizational skills.
The ability to work independently.
A high level of creativity and innovation.

If you have all these skills, then you are well on your way to becoming a successful practice management consultant. However, if you don’t have them all, don’t worry; you can always develop them through training and experience.

Steps to becoming a successful practice management consultant

A summary of steps to become a great general practice consultant are:

Get Educated: Obtain the relevant qualifications and experience.
Get Experience: Gain experience in a healthcare environment.
Build Skills: Develop your skills in key areas such as communication, problem solving and organization.
Gain recognition: Get your name out there in the market by providing your clients with an excellent service.

Once you have these steps covered, it will give you the best chance of becoming a successful practice management consultant, and you will get the opportunity to help other in the medical practice field to improve their business and provide a better service to their patients.

Be In the Present Moment to Find Your True Love

When my first marriage came to an end, I was extremely sad and depressed. After my divorce, I spent years reliving my past. The memories of suffering kept coming back to me and prevented me from enjoying the present. The feeling of loneliness and abandonment were heavy in my heart. I was burdened by the mindset that my future would be dismal, and I was full of worry and anxiety.

Deep in my heart, I truly wanted to have a loving partner and a happy marital life. I couldn’t make my dream come true for a long time, until I learned the most important lesson of my life. The lesson that brought me enlightenment was simply this: We do not have any power to change our past or create our future. All our power lies in this present moment. The dominant emotions and feelings that we have in the present moment attract similar kinds of energy to manifest in our lives. If we have strong memories of past failures, then our dominant inner vibrations will bring us similar kinds of situations in our life. That is why some people experience patterns of dysfunctional relationships repeatedly.

With meditation, and hard work, I learned necessary healing techniques that eventually attracted the wonderful and supportive energy of a loving and caring man. Now I am not only very happily married, but my daughter also has a wonderful father. I established a happy marriage because I cleared all the negative feelings and emotions from my past that were polluting my thoughts. Since then, as a therapist, I have been working with hundreds of men and women to help them let go of their misfortunes, and develop skills that attract true love. In order to be in the present moment, daily practice of meditation helps to bring your awareness back to your infinite potential and your true wholeness.

While practicing to become loving, use meditation as a tool. You can even do meditation when your conscious mind goes to sleep, because still your sub-conscious mind listening to the meditation track. Meditation will assist you in finding truly your inner state of self love. As you meditate, your busy mind becomes still, and develop inner peace, you become aware of your calm center. In this center you will find true love, joy, and peace. As you become radiant with self love, joy and peace, it will be easy for you to attract similar kind of a partner – your true love.

And here’s a present for you: Buy the StressFreeTools Meditation Program (Complete Set) and be awarded with a free 1-hour intense healing therapy session (worth $60). I am offering this free therapy session to anyone who is interested to find True Love in life!