3 Tips to Make Your Audience Listen to Your Presentation

For most us, preparing for presentations comes easy, as we are aware of what to present to our audience. Some of us may even be very cool at the stage with so much confidence to address the mass. However, for all of us, getting the audience listen to the presentation is a mammoth task, the result of which can never be predicted. Even though you have a killer presentation, you will lose interest when you see that your audience is not interested in what you are presenting.

1.    Interact with audience – Most of those who speak on the stage forget the fact that audience are there to get something out of presentation. Nobody wants to be talked at. You have to interact with your audience and engage them during your presentation. This does not mean having a conversation in the middle of the presentation, but you should give an opportunity for your listeners to talk. You can let them ask some questions or share their experience.

2.    Share life experience on stage – Rather than continuing explanation of points on the slide, try to add some stories to your presentation. These stories must be taken from real life experiences. You can share your own story or tell the story of your friend after getting permission from your friend. People listening to your presentation are always keen to know how your key points helped you or others to reach the goal.

3.    Don’t just deliver your presentation – You should present your presentation and not deliver it. If you over-prepare, your presentation will be like a memorized speech. Keep your presentation short and make it interesting. Follow the natural flow of language and you can use light humor to avoid a boring mood. You must avoid irritating and useless words such as ‘um’ and ‘ah’. You may not notice these, but remember that your audience will listen to every word you say.